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Welcome Realtors
Thank You!
We welcome you, realtors!  We know that you're the lifeblood of this recovering housing market and without your hard work and  perseverence in these tough times, this economy can never recover.  It's all up to you to rejuvinate the market and what better way to say thank you for your dedication than to offer each and every sale completed a solid four  (4%) commission rate payable immediately upon the successful closing of a construction loan.  That's right, you successfully get us to a closing (with our assistance of course) and we'll take it from there.

Have confidence in us and know that each sale will be protected and bound in lawful and ethical brokering standards by Re/Max, one of this country's most reputable brokers.

Also, rest assured that your clients will be treated like family and will get exactly what they came for.............the fulfillment of a dream.
Our Mission Statement says it all:  "We commit to work our hardest for our clients and give them the best value for their dollar while being careful not to sacrifice quality.  We also commit to treat each client as we would our own family and to build their homes with the same quality and craftsmanship as we would our own." 
Brokers Welcome
We can help you achieve your dreams.  With our 25 years of experience we can help you with any special needs you may have or tackle whatever hurdle you may be faced with.  Tap our knowledge and experience and we'll help you achieve your dreams.  -CLICK HERE FOR HELP-